Collection: Q w/ Foldout Cat Classes

Liza Q. Wirtz, better known as Q (aka the Chief Feline), runs multifaceted fiber-arts business the Foldout Cat from her home studio in Alabama with the frequent and welcome assistance of her partners and the help of a fluctuating number of cats. Having spent several past lives in other occupations–including bookseller, lawyer, and professional singer–Q now works fulltime towards earning her living as an artist and a creative. Q teaches freestyle weaving, art-batt carding, and basic experiential spinning with the same philosophy that infuses her praxis: create from your heart, make what gives you joy, and put beauty into the world. She wholeheartedly believes that everyone's an artist and that giving people access to fiber-arts tools and learning lets them prove it to themselves.

Q also makes and sells one-of-a-kind art batts built from the Foldout Cat's unique Batt Buffet, hand-dyed microbatch yarn and fiber, handspun yarn, finished fiber-arts items, and simple fiber-arts tools. She has taught, vended, or both at fiber events in multiple states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

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