About the Festival & it's Head Fiber Freak

About the Festival & it's Head Fiber Freak

We are fiber enthusiasts. For years in our creative circles we have discussed how great it would be to have an event specifically for the fiber arts to add to the already rich opportunities that are celebrated across all of the arts in the St. Louis region.

The Midwest Fiber Festival has been created to bring all those dreams to life. We are looking forward to having a weekend of classes, workshops, demonstrations from fiber artisans and instructors as well as enjoy socializing with other enthusiasts in the fiber art world.

Heather Swan has been in the corporate world for the past two decades. She learned to crochet and sew as a child from her grandmothers. Heather’s creativity spills over into all areas of her life and gave her great success in the business world. Twelve years ago a co-worker agreed to teach her how to knit during their lunch hours. She has not looked back since and continues to expand her skills for sewing, knittin, crocheting, recently took up weaving and painting.

Heather was bit by the event planning bug while in college when she took a position planning the Leadership Summit for her university. The joy of organizing events has continued through her professional career hosting international clients as well as national sales meetings.

In 2021, Heather’s husband was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia that sent her family into a talespin of events. The new journey that they have entered caused a reevaluation of priorities. And, she was tired of always talking to her fellow fiber freaks about an event. So, she decided the time for action was now and is excited to bring all the other fiber freaks out there together to enjoy each other’s company and share and learn some new tricks of the trade.

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